You Wouldn't Realise it to look at me Now, but I used to be a Country Bumpkin, Living in the Woods...

If I can do this, anyone can. Creating an online business is allot easier than one would realise. That's why I put this together. So that easily anyone can enjoy the beautiful success of sharing their passion with the world.

Hi I'm James C Goodwin. I've had quite a wild ride when it comes to making an online business. Funnily enough I actually started from a very rural background.​

You wouldn’t realise it to look at me now, but I used to be a country bumpkin, living in the woods. I didn't study computing in university, I didn't study business and I didn't study design. I actually studied art. After leaving university I didn't feel as though I had a direction, it's interesting, I really remember that sense of not knowing how to take what I had learnt and what I wanted to share and make that into a reality. I ended up working a few mediocre jobs that I wasn’t passionate about, and didn't get paid very well for, I got disillusioned and made the decision to move into the woods, at the time I didn't believe I could actually be happy living a regular life.

Only marginally contented with digging through earth and making houses out of sticks and rocks, I began dreaming of how I might become financially stable. A landslide hit where I was living and everything quite literally fell apart and I made the decision to move to the City.​

I started looking online. I wanted to know how people actually made a successful online business. At that time I didn't find the right information, and I didn’t end up starting anything. When you don't know what to do, doubt seems really real and I was stopped in my tracks.​

So there I was, in a city with no money, no job, and no means of earning a living. Not only that, my accommodation was let’s just say, “intensely ghetto.” I knew I had to get out of the situation I found myself in, I wanted to find a way that I could earn money doing something I enjoyed.
Now I was hungry! hungry to find a solution. What could I do that I know I am good at that could also really help people? I found a few videos on how to design using Photoshop and then it became clear, I would become a freelancer and work from my laptop.​​

The Humble Beginning

My First Launch

I went to everybody I knew, and started selling my services, this was my first Internet business in 2009. Through this little adventure which had flourished from the necessity to eat and also live in a safe environment, I went on to learn how to build websites, how to market them, and essentially how to create a successful online businesses for all of my clients.​

I went on like this for a few years, working freelance on other people’s projects while sharpening my skills in many different areas.​

The entire time, in the back of my mind I saw how I could take everything I was implementing for my clients and turn it into an easy to understand system that I could share with anyone who wanted to make an online business for themselves.​ In 2014, I went for it! I truly went for it with building my own online business. I ran into many roadblock’s, I remember spending a whole week creating an online course, creating a web site, creating a Facebook page, and spending $200 on advertising which didn’t bring me any sales.

I never gave up. I tried many different ideas that failed, then, through lucky circumstances I found the right information, when you find something that works you end up finding more and more of it and suddenly I was looking into all sorts of very powerful techniques and methods to help people market their business online to the highest level.​

The most amazing thing is that the best information out there is actually really simple and easy to implement. 
It took me around five years to perfect the techniques, methods, and technology that could really make this work for anyone and I tested them all within client projects and jobs. Each time, we saw greater and greater success and each time the whole process became more and more refined.
Finally now it's here and I want to share it with you.​

I believe in people. It's the beneficial entrepreneurs who will rock this world. Aristotle once said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” This is exactly why I want to make a platform that helps potent instigators of change, as together it's time we are heard.​

I want you to draw upon my knowledge and years of experience, so that you don’t have to go through the mistakes I have made, and you can easily make your passion project into an online offering that will keep you financially stable for years to come.​​

Now You Know My Story, Let's make Your Vision a Reality. Click on the big orange button & start making an impact online with your passion!

James C Goodwin

Now You Know My Story, Let's make Your Vision a Reality. Click on the big orange button & start making an impact online with your passion!